80 Creekside Drive, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

Updated cabin with river views. Vaulted ceilings upstairs in spacious owner suite. Marble counters in kitchen and stainless appliances.

Newer light fixtures and updates throughout.

Spacious deck is perfect for entertaining or relaxing and enjoying wildlife.

1.53 acres with access to Cacapon River


Offered for $156,000 

Meghan Pachas, Principal Broker WVB180040048


*Listing has been withdrawn

2945 Cedar Ln, Fairfax, VA 22031

Rare opportunity to own an original farmhouse from the 1930’s.

Modern renovations throughout while maintaining charm, original built in bookcases and garden shed. Home features hardwood floors throughout, two fireplaces, and finished basement.

Two bedrooms upstairs include bonus areas, previously used as nurseries and office space. Main floor addition added allows for potential main level master bedroom with full bath or option to use a second family room.

Located on 0.73 acres, plenty of space for expansion or a garden

Home is conveniently located across the street from Fairhilll Elementary. Private country feeling while close to everything, minutes to Routes 50 and 29 and Mosaic District, excellent commuter location

Offered for $670,000

Presented by Meghan Pachas. MAP Property Solutions. Stephens City, VA

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Beware the Bandwagon Agents on St Patrick’s Day and the rest of the year

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s day.”

Lots of people who aren’t Irish love to celebrate on Saint Patrick’s Day. Why not?! There’s nothing wrong with going to a parade, enjoying some Irish food, and having a few drinks.

But picture someone going to a parade, and having a few too many drinks.

And then that person jumps up on the bandwagon as it drives by in the parade. He grabs an instrument from someone in the band, and starts playing it poorly. And then he starts singing from the top of his lungs about how great it is to be Irish.

Might be good for a few laughs from the crowd. It’s probably annoying to the people in the band. But, beyond that, it isn’t really hurting anyone.

Here’s a question for you…

Was that guy truly Irish, or not?

Given what you saw happen, it’s impossible to say. There isn’t enough information. But, he sang about being Irish, so you might presume he is.

What you can say for sure is that he was a mess, and not a very good singer or musician. It was obvious that he didn’t belong up on the bandwagon. He just jumped onto it and made himself part of the band.

As real estate agents, we see this happen in the parade of our industry.

People who are part of the onlooking crowd jump up onto the real estate bandwagon. They get their license because it looks fun, or easy, or because the market is hot. And then they start singing from the top of their lungs about how great it is to be a real estate agent.

So, what’s the harm in that?

For those of you who aren’t real estate agents, you hear plenty of agents who just jumped on our bandwagon singing about how great it is to be a real estate agent. But…that doesn’t mean that the agents you hear singing that tune are great real estate agents.

There’s no way for you to know if they’re truly great real estate agents, until it’s too late… until you’ve decided to work with an agent who has simply jumped on the bandwagon. It is then that you come to find out that the tune they’re singing is out of key.

Agents who just jump on the real estate bandwagon can hurt you.

In the least, it can be a waste of your time until you figure it out and ditch that agent for a better one. But, you could find out the hard way, if the agent doesn’t know what they’re doing and causes you to make a mistake when you buy or sell a house.

From an agent perspective…

While it may seem harmless enough for someone to get their real estate license and start singing about how great it is to be a real estate agent, it’s not.

It’s part of what gives the great, serious agents in our industry an undeserved reputation. And it gives people the impression that our profession is one big parade or party people can jump into.

It isn’t.

It’s a career that requires absolute dedication and seriousness.

Sure, we all love the great days and times we have in real estate. The little celebrations.

But there are as many days and times that are not one big party that we need to go through in order to become, and actually be, truly great real estate agents.


For whatever reason, most of us are aware of “Pi”. Mostly we just think of it as that number that goes on and on forever, with no end or solution. And we just know it as 3.14. When and why do we learn about it in life? What good does it ever do us? There’s certainly a lot more to it… For instance, it’s a “constant” ratio in circles. And, it’s an “irrational” number. They teach us that, too. Maybe that stuff sticks with us. Maybe not. For most of us, just knowing the 3.14 part is good enough. There’s no need to think about it much beyond that. Pi probably isn’t going to affect you or me one way or another in life… But…there is a rather “constant” and “irrational” number in real estate that does affect many people. And most people never learn about it in life…at least until they list their home for sale. That number is the listing price of a home… It’s a “constant” in the sense that almost every homeowner wants the listing price of their home to be a much bigger number than it should be. It is also a “constant” thing that real estate agents have to help clients understand, and even come to terms with. But many homeowners disregard what real estate agents explain, and list their home for an “irrational” number, which is too high. Which then creates an unsolvable problem (much like Pi is)… Listing a home for too high of a price, typically makes the process of selling a home go on, and on, and on. Forever. With no end…(also much like Pi is). But, unlike Pi, proper listing prices for homes are not unsolvable. There’s a rational number to list every individual home for on the market. No, it isn’t necessarily easy to figure out. But it doesn’t take a mathematician. It takes a real estate agent who knows how to analyze where the house should be priced and positioned within the current market. And, it takes an agent who knows how to explain it well, so that their client doesn’t decide to list for too high of a price. Not all agents can or do these things well. Which is why “irrational” pricing is a “constant” problem so many owners struggle with. When selling your home, it’s important to find an agent who prices homes perfectly. Not too high… but also, not too low. It’s a fine balance that needs to be struck. So, when it comes time to list your home for sale, it’s important that you or your agent finds, and understands, the most rational number to list your home for on the market.

6 Tips To Get A Better Deal When You Buy A Home

Do you want to increase the chances that you get a good deal on a house when you buy one!?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t?

But most people go about it all wrong. They think that you have to find a desperate seller, or some overlooked, underpriced home that’s a steal.

Sure, those are ways to get a good deal, but there are always people waiting in the wings wanting to scoop those up if and when they appear. But most aren’t ready and able to do anything about it.

Here are 6 tips to help you be able and ready to get those deals when you find one.

1. Be flexible with your closing date.

This sounds so easy and simple. And it is. Many buyers simply cannot be flexible with their closing date. They need to time the closing on the sale of their home, or the end of their lease, for instance.

People selling their home are no different. This is a super common issue. And finding a buyer who can be entirely flexible is a huge benefit to a homeowner. Such a huge benefit that it can help you negotiate a better price and terms than someone who can’t be flexible.

2. Have cash.

You’ve probably heard the term “cash is king”. And it’s true, to a degree. A homeowner isn’t necessarily going to give you a steal just because you have cash…but they might if they’re in a rush, or they’ve been burned by a previous buyer who was turned down for a mortgage.

The weight of cash will vary from seller to seller. And, obviously, having enough cash to buy a home outright isn’t something a lot of people have. But, if you have the cash, it can certainly help.

3. Be pre-approved for a mortgage.

This is also pretty much a basic in the world of real estate. Talk to any real estate agent and they’ll tell you this is a must-have.

However, you’d be surprised at how many buyers don’t have a solid pre-approval in hand when they find a great deal. So, have that figured out and ready, so that when a good deal shows up, you’re ready to roll.

4. Be ready to jump.

Oddly, a lot of buyers looking for a good deal feel like it makes sense to wait a bit once they find a good deal. Let the owner stew a little bit, and come begging for an offer.

That can work…

It can also cost you a great deal. All it takes is someone else coming across the deal and scooping it up before you even make an offer. In the least, it can create a bidding war between you and someone else…and then it might not be such a deal anymore.

Another thing many deal-seekers do is wait to see if a better deal comes around. Deals don’t necessarily come around every day…or week…or month. Maybe not even that many in a year.

So, don’t wait. Go after a deal when you see it.

5. Go after houses that have been on the market for a long time.

So many buyers ignore houses that have been sitting on the market for a long time. They often think something must be wrong with the house, or feel like the owner isn’t going to listen to lower offers…so why waste their time.

But, those could be great opportunities. You never know, so don’t discount viewing homes that have been on the market for a little while 

6. Don’t have multiple real estate agents looking for you.

So many buyers who are specifically looking for a great deal feel like it makes sense to have as many agents looking out for deals for them as possible.

This backfires. All it leads to is a bunch of agents who’re halfheartedly looking for you. Agents will figure out if you have other agents looking for you as well, and will likely not pay you the attention you need if you’re going to get the best deal.

Be loyal to one, rather than having a bunch of half-looking, half-caring agents. Be all in.

Your loyalty and commitment to the agent and the process of finding and buying a great deal will pay off.

In summary

The best way to find and get yourself a great real estate deal is to be ready. So many people just go around saying, “Got any hot deals?” to every real estate agent they come across.

However, they aren’t actually able and ready when and if the time comes. Or they think that it’s about driving a hard bargain when negotiating, or playing some sort of game with the seller.

Nope. The best way to get a deal is to be a solid, ready, and able buyer, who can give sellers something beyond a higher price.