No Sew Face Masks

The CDC is now recommending everyone wears a mask when they are out in public. 

Meghan Pachas and the girls have made a tutorial video for you to make a no-sew mask at home out of easy to find materials

These instructions can also be found on the CDC website, we make no guarantees these masks will protect you from anything, but they certainly can’t hurt


The CDC now recommends everyone wear cloth masks while in public. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help keep you and your family safe.

– wear a mask when running essential errands
– practice social distancing, even with the mask on in public
– take the mask off by the ear elastic when you get home and wash it as soon possible
– wash your hands for 20 seconds after removing the mask and on a regular basis

– touch the mask without washing your hands
– play with the mask while wearing it
– take the mask off by grabbing the center fabric near your mouth and nose
– share masks with others in your household without washing them first

FACTS – Cloth masks are not 100% effective in blocking the spread of COVID-19 and are not a replacement for social distancing or washing hands. It is believed these masks may help individuals who have the virus but are not yet symptomatic from unintentionally spreading the virus. Please do not use N95 or surgical masks as there is a critical shortage of these items for our healthcare workers and first responders.

Learn more from the CDC (including how to make a mask) here

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