15 Spring Blossoms That Will Beautify Your Home

Spring is here and you want the exterior of your home to look the greatest! You also can’t wait to get your hands into the dirt and begin planting. You can satisfy both these desires by planting some of these easy springtime flowers that’ll brighten up your exterior, and your mood!

Peruvian Lily

This evergreen hybrid comes in gorgeous shades of purple, and they do well when cut for bouquets. Yellow and orange varieties are bright and summery. These lilies will grow to around three feet tall and will keep producing blooms so long as it doesn’t get too hot.


The monch is a type of light purple aster that is delicate looking, but extremely tough. They can grow up to two feet tall in nearly any soil and will keep flowering so long as spent blossoms are removed.


Twelve-inch tall, lavender-colored flowers sit atop beautiful silvery green, leafy stems that bloom in late spring or early summer. Encourage these beauties to re-bloom by cutting them back to the ground when the flowers have faded. These dense flowers make wonderful low hedges.


Also known as echinacea, these big and bright blooms grow up to two feet tall with flowers that reach up to four inches across. Best known for hybrids in orange, yellow, bright pink, and purple, these flowers will keep blooming all the way until fall!


Coreopsis are lower, small blooms on thin but sturdy stems, that come in a wide variety of colors. Some flowers have lacy edges, and some smooth, but so long as you remove the faded blooms, coreopsis will keep on blooming all summer long.


If you’ve got a slightly shady area that you want to brighten up, this is your flower! Blooms are light blue, lavender, and pink, and will add just enough color to areas that don’t get full sun.

blanket flower

Big, warm-colored flowers similar to daisies and just as cheerful, and in gorgeous shades of sunny yellow, bronze, and deep red. They bloom in single or double flowers, and are right around 2.5-3 feet tall.

Gaura (a/k/a Beeblossom)

Delicate little white and pink flowers in clusters on top of tall, thin stems, these almost look like a type of grass topped with butterflies! They grow to around three feet tall, and love to “creep” into other areas than the one they were planted in.

Scarlet Avens

Greenish-silver velvety foliage gives way to a striking, almost wildflower-looking bloom in shades of bright red. These don’t grow super tall, but the foliage grows wide – up to two feet in diameter.

Gloriosa Daisy

Deeply golden hues emanate from chocolate brown centers on stems that will reach anywhere from twelve inches to four feet tall, depending on the variety. They love full sun, but can also tolerate a bit of shade, too. These cut flowers look beautiful in a bouquet.


Lavender is a garden staple because of their hardiness, and fragrant qualities. These unique looking plants grow to right around 24 inches high, and the density of their stems remind one of a shrub.


One of the easiest flowers to grow is also one of the best bloomers! Yarrow consists of tight clusters of yellow flowers on top of two-foot tall stems with fern-like, lacy leaves. As well as being beautiful, yarrow is recorded to have many medicinal purposes.


If you have a passion for red and purple, penstemon needs to be in your garden! Long, trumpet-shaped flowers of deep purple or red are favorites for garden borders and edges, or anywhere you need a real “pop” of surprising color.

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple sage is a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds, and it has a fragrance reminiscent of a ripe pineapple. They grow tall – up to four feet – and have fire-engine red blossoms with bright spring green leaves.

Sea holly

An interesting and unusual addition to your garden, these thistle-like, large blooms will be a conversation starter! Unique silvery-purple shades of flowers will bloom all summer long, and look wonderful when cut for bouquets.

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