Home renovation project

Since we pride ourselves on being anything but a “one size fits all” type business and the ability to help clients with all kinds of management needs, we were able to participate in an exciting project over the summer

Our clients had acquired a rental home that was in poor condition and needed to be renovated from roof to basement. Here are some of the before and after pictures, we hope you enjoy viewing the results of all the sweat (and a few tears) that went into this project! This was such a fun project and we are thrilled with the results and how quickly the home was rented for them

As you can see, even the lawn was in need of a facelift. The house now has a brand new roof, windows, and landscaping. Removing all the overgrown plants has also allowed so much more light into the living room giving it a much brighter feeling



The entryway before had an interesting feature of floor to ceiling mirrors and cork board walls. These were removed and the walls were redone and painted in a modern neutral gray


The living and dining rooms both now feature new paint, added recessed lighting, and flooring



Even the basement fireplace was redone so it is much brighter and more inviting


We still cannot believe this is the same kitchen, after removing half a wall and making a few small changes to the layout the kitchen went from dated and gloomy to inviting and warm


All four bedrooms were also redone and have new carpeting. Here is a before and after of the master bedroom and attached bath


I know bathrooms aren’t the most exciting feature of a home, but the transformation of these two is night and day.


and finally the backyard. From overgrown jungle to awesome hangout space perfect for a summer bbq!


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