Repair Deductibles

When you are a Landlord one of your biggest concerns is most likely the cost of home repairs. Sometimes a Landlord will add a repair deductible to their lease which asks the tenant to contribute to the cost of a repair call to help offset their own costs. We do not recommend doing this and here is why; we have found that tenants are less likely to call when there is an issue if they will be charged for the repair person coming out, which can lead to an even bigger problem down the road.

It is better to have a smaller item addressed now rather than have it snowball and become a bigger and more costly problem in the future. A home which is cared for will also attract quality tenants who may want to continue living there for a long time.

However, if our experienced and licensed contractors we work with  determine that a repair was needed due to misuse these  items could be tenant responsibilities per the lease.

As a Landlord you will be responsible for keeping the major systems of the home (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc) in working condition along with the appliances listed on the lease.

Don’t forget some of these paid repairs could also be tax deductions later on as well! stay tuned for a new blog post on this topic coming soon!


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